Gaspar Sanz - Book two

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Guitar pieces in various tunings (scordature) by François Campion

These pieces are retranscribed from the work done by Donald Sauter. I heartily recommend a visit to his site, where you will find plenty more, as well as a lot of information about the tunings and his original transcription. The work I have done purely affects the visual appearance.

The symbols for strums are fairly clear, and in general I have filled in the 'missing' notes. There are only two ornaments: I have used a single 'comma' which indicates a battement or mordent (i.e. down to the next note and back), and a double 'comma', to indicate a tremblement, starting on the note above - this can be single or double. As I didn't time the strums (and can't be bothered to go back through them all), and the ornaments are key dependent, I have not produced midi versions.

Like Donald Sauter, I have preferred numbers to letters, simply because I have always associated numbers with guitars and letters with lutes, which is no good reason at all. If you've got StringWalker, you can change them back to letters!

The pieces



The pieces are available in StringWalker format, all the pieces in the same tuning zipped together.

Alternatively there are two PDF files, one for the first tuning, and the other for all the rest - I did these rather rapidly, so there will be some annoying page turns - a more elegant version is forthcoming.

Tuning One (F C G D Bb)

Tuning Two (F# C G D B)

Tuning Three (Eb C G C Bb)

Tuning Four (E C G C B)

Tuning Five (F# C# G D B)

Tuning Six ( F C G D C)

Tuning Seven (G D G D B)

PDF format - Tuning One only

PDF format - Tunings Two to Seven