StringWalker and Django are programs for setting tablature produced by Alain Veylit

You can download demo versions from his site by using the links below: -

StringWalker   Django

You can get to both of these links by visiting the Electronic Lute Forgery (ELF) - if you don't know this then it's time you did!


This will let you see the tablature on screen, but on the demo version you will not be able to print it out unless you export the file to GhostScript / GhostView. For more information about these, see the

GhostScript Home Page

which contains all the necessary links. It takes quite a while to download both programs, but you can use also use them to create PDF files by careful use of printer drivers.


For a greater variety of Viola da Gamba music, keep checking Beatice Mercier's page

If you are interested in free music for other instruments as well, try